Legends Speakeasy Bar takes you back to times when alcohol was illegal and bars were in hidden rooms, away from prying eyes. Staying true to the excitement of a speakeasy experience, Legends Speakeasy Bar serves up 1920’s prohibition era.


The location is hidden so venture beyond the black emblazoned door and enter an exclusive old-world atmosphere rich with the sounds of jazz and blues, intimate lighting, silent movies, vintage décor and all the theatrics that passionate Mixologists can deliver.


With a penchant for rum, our team of talented cocktail craftsmen are dedicated to paying homage to unique spirits distilled in Australia.

Hidden. Mysterious. Exclusive. The Secret's Out.



The Vampire's Weakness

Featuring Nosferatu blood orange gin, this Halloween tipple is sure to get your blood curdling. 


Nosferatu Gin

Lemon juice

Blood orange juice

Sugar syrup

Egg white

Shaken vigorously in a shaker

topped with Soda

Garnished with an edible flower

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P: 07 3237 2563
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